Cultural Intelligence is the acknowledgement and understanding of people from another culture.
This may include, but are not limited to; race, politics, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, culture,
After the horrors of Charleston, I decided to make my Graphic Design term project on making cultural intelligence seem like something everyone could grasp. I developed apparel inspired by children's finger painting, and packaging that was inspired by the concept of coming together and yin-yang.
I wanted to show the dichotomous beauty of different things coming together and clashing, and the way the package opens is along the clam-shell curve in the midline.
I was really inspired after going to a Common Purpose UK conference over the summer of 2017, where I was able to meet representatives from Microsoft, United Nations, and Habitat for Humanity, who helped me grasp this concept of cultural harmony, and ways to attain peace in a community.
Each T-shirt or bag would donate a proceed of the profit to a charity of the customer's choice, as indicated during checkout process. The packages have instructions on how to ameliorate tensions between groups of different people, and hopefully by wearing these shirts in public, they cause discussion and hype, as a wearable message.
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